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A website is 1 of the most important tools to display your brand.

Let me help you create this powerful tool for you!

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About me..

I'm a young programmer for a big enterprise company based in Holland, certified in HTML5, CSS3 and SCSS. I've worked extensively in the marketing sector for the past 4 years. So with every design decision I make it, from a UX point of view, optimized.

Aside from that, I'm also certified in coding JavaScript. This means I'm your go-to option for creating web apps or more interactive websites. Integrating simple APIs like google maps on your site takes such knowledge.

And a more personal footnote. In my free time I enjoy strolling through nature, working out and traveling.

My approach..

  1. You deliver me LOTS of information.
    • What your company/website stands for.
    • What is your mission?
    • If there is an existing brandbook.
  2. I'll brainstorm and come up with essentials for your website.
  3. After approval about suggested features I'll deliver a sketch.
  4. Again after approval I'll deliver the website to you within the blink of an eye.
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Let me know i can reach you and I'll contact you as soon as possible!

First consult is free of charge!